To apply for an IDP from Chile, follow these simple steps:

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  • 2. Follow the instructions of your national association

Apply for a CPD: A passport for your car

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International Driving Permit in Chile (1926, 1943, 1949, 1968 )

The International Driving Permit (PIC) is a document issued by Automóvil Club de Chile, according with the  established rules in the Worldwide Agreement about Road Circulation, agreed in Geneva on September 19,1949, that authorizes to drive a vehícle in any country of the world, that doesn’t have bilateral agreement with Chile (Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador y Perú).

The International Driving Permit is ruled by the mentioned agreement, which eliminated all the previous ones.

It lasts one year from the emission date, if the Chilean license doesn’t expire before that period.The International Driving Permit allows you to drive abroad as a tourist for no more than 90 days.


 Why do I have to get The International Permit 


  • Because it is the only way to authenticate your National Driving License in the countries of the world that have assigned the traffic International agreement established by ONU.
  • Because it is an obligation if the tourist is involved in traffic  problems, violations or accidents out of the country. 
  • Because it permits to prove that you are a tourist without showing the passport, this only for the transport authorities.



You can call us at 600 464 4040 or write to



Personal Application:


  • Present the valid original chilean Driving license  
  • Id sized photo with name and surname 
  • Photocopy of the chilean Driving License (both sides).


International Driving License Application for a third person


  • Presenting the valid original chilean Driving License of the Applicant. It is specified that the document will be emited without the Applicant sign.
  • Photocopy of the I D ( both sides).
  • Limited power of attorney authorizing the third person to apply such document (which will stay in the office as backup).
  • Photo with name and surname of the applicant.


PIC can be applied at any office of Automóvil Club de Chile that is not franchise 

Details of commercialised products in each office can be seen in


How to get an International Driving Permit in Chile?


The International Driving Permit allows the motorists drive vehicles in foreing countries . You always have to have your International Driving Permit with your National Diving License. In order to get an International Driving permit in Chile, you can visit Automóvil Club de Chile.


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